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♔Friday, July 1, 2011

I enjoy watching the ocean glistening as the sun hits the water. It's beautiful. I could watch it for hours if I could.


10:33 AM

魔女の宅急便 (Kiki's Delivery Service)
♔Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All rights go to Studio Ghibli

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11:11 AM

Beginning of My Summer Days

Hey guys- how's it been???! Here are some things I did the past week..

I went to Fancy Box with my friends to take some CUE pictures. lots of funn! If you don't know what that is..it's a photobooth you take pictures in and you get to decorate them afterwards..then it becomes a photosticker! hahah

Left to Right(in both pics): Hannah and moi

So yea in these pics though..my friend right there didn't know when the camera was done taking the pic..

...here's what happened.

All of us~
top left: me
top right: Hannah
bottom left: Joanna
bottom right: Jocelyn

th3m h0tt13$$

On the weekend, me and my cousins finally got...*drum roll please*~~ HARRY POTTER MIDNIGHT PREMIERE TICKETS!! AAAHHH!

I get excited just thinking about it...I really can't wait! It's going to be intense!

Ended the weekend by taking care of my cousin's little dog Brody. a.k.a. Bro

ain't she a cutie

She's 1 year old. I still remember when she was soo tiny and I used to feed her with a bottle of milk~ hehes

ps. yes that is my brother right there..lol
10:16 AM

New archive
♔Monday, June 27, 2011

Added a MISCELLANEOUS section in my archive..check it out! :).. I'll add more movies that i recommend you watch and more facts about me~ so make sure to check it often^^

Currently typing this with my Ipod right now so I'll talk to you guys soon! Ciao (^з^)-☆
10:26 PM

Welcome to K I E R S T E N's SANCTUARY。。。

the fame monster
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